Future Location of the Pan American Games

The 2015 Pan American Games that were held in Toronto, Canada were characterized as one of the best organized Games so far. Because of that the host city of the next Pan American Games in 2019 will have to put some serious effort to improve the organization or even match the organization level of the previous Pan American Games in Toronto. The future location of the 2019 Pan American Games will be held in Lima, the capital of Peru. The 2019 Pan American Games will be held between July 26 and August 1, 2019. Some of the first steps in the organization of these Games is to reveal the logo of the Games. The logo of the 2019 Pan American Games is the indigenous flower from Peru that is called Flower of Amances. Since every logo of the Games is a metaphor, the metaphor of this logo is that three flowers and the flowers’ pistils represent three athletes with arms wide open and embracing the Games as well as three Americas and all encompassed in the identity of the host city. The 2019 Pan American games will increase the number of sports that will be featured in the game because surfing will be included as part of the Games.

Lima was easy winner of the bidding process for hosting the 2019 Pan American Games. The member of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) elected Lima for the host city in the first round of voting. In that voting round, Lima won 31 votes while other candidate cities such as La Punta, Argentina won 9 votes, Santiago, Chile won 9 votes and Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela won 8 votes. Just like the city that is hosting the Olympic Games, the city hosting Pan American Games will have to invest a lot of effort and money into organization as well as building new and refurbishing existing sports venues.

Existing Venues

Lima already has several venues that fulfill the regulations and condition set forth by the Pan American Sports Organization for the organization of the Pan American Games. Some of the already existing venues for the 2019 Pan American Games include Estadio Nacional where the opening and closing ceremony will take place, Centro Deportivo Panamericano where the competitions in athletics, cycling, table tennis, baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball will take place. Besides those, Paseo de la Republica will host the competitions in road bicycle racing while Las Palmas Air Base will host the shooting competitions. Los Inkas Golf Club will host the Golf tournament while Club Hipico Peruano will be the place for the equestrian competitions be held.

New Venues

The organization committee of the 2019 Pan American Games will also have to build new venues for different sports because already existing infrastructure does not provide opportunity for athletes to compete in their sports. One such venue will be Gran Coliseo de Lima in which the volleyball and basketball finals will take place. Another new venue will be La Punta District where competitions in triathlon, rowing, canoeing, sailing and open water swimming will take place. Besides those, Circuito de playas de la Costa Verse will also be the new venues and it will have two complexes. The north complex will host the competitions in field hockey, archery and rugby sevens while the south complex will be the place where BMX and skating competitions will take place as well as beach volleyball. The last new venue that will be build for these Games is Polideportivo da la UNMSM where the competitions in gymnastics will take place. All these new venues will be able to host several thousand of fans who will watch these competitions.

Other Venues


Besides already existing and new venues, Lima will have to put some effort in refurbishing some of the existing venues as well. Some of those venues are Coliseo Eduardo Dibos where basketball tournament of the 2019 Pan American games will take place. Additionally, Chorrillos Military School will be the location where athletes will compete in fencing and modern penthathlon. Tennis and squash tournament will also be played in venues that will undergo some refurbishing before the games. Villa Deportivo del Callao will host the boxing, judo, kung fu, karate, football, racquetball, softball and baseball tournaments of the 18th Pan American Games that will be held in 2019 in Lima.