Venues Created For The Pan Am Games In Toronto

Just like any other host city of the Olympic Games of the Pan American Games respectfully had to put some serious efforts and funds into providing adequate venues in which sporting events of the 2015 Pan American Games will be held. One of the most demanding jobs of organizing such events like Pan Am Games or Olympic Games is the very job of securing the adequate and proper venues in which so many different sports had to take place. Because of that and because of the fact that that would cost a lot of money many cities have given up on the organization of both, Pan American Games and Olympic Games as well. However, Toronto did not have that problems in 2015 and they managed to provide what was required and the following article will list some of the most important venues that were used during those Pan American Games.

Pan Am Dome (Rogers Center)

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The opening ceremony of the 2015 Pan American Games was held in Pan Am Dome in Toronto on July 10, 2015. Pan Am Dome or Rogers Center as it was known before and after the Games, had to go through some reconstruction in order to meet the requirements for hosting the opening ceremony of the Pan American Games. This Center is one of most iconic venues in the entire world and with its history and the history of events that took place at the venue, it seemed like a logical choice as a place to host the opening ceremony. One of the biggest advantages, besides the ability to host more than 45 000 people is the roof or rather the dome that can be very easily converted into an open-space venue. Besides opening ceremony, the Pan Am Dome hosted the closing ceremony as well.

Toronto Pan Am Sports Center and Field House

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The second venue that was part of the 2015 Pan American Games was the Toronto Pan Am Sports Center. Opened in 2014, Toronto Pan Am Sports Center provided athletes with the best possible conditions for training and competing. During the 2015 Pan American Games, this center was used for different competitions. One part of the center hosted swimming, synchronized swimming, diving. The other part of the center, the Field House, also hosted several events such as fencing and modern pentathlon. The Aquatics center that hosted the aquatics sports had the ability of hosting 6 000 people while the Field House could host 2 000 people which is definitely a respectable number for those competitions.

Canadian Tennis Centre

One of the most popular venues in the world of tennis also hosted the events of the 2015 Pan American Games. This center hosted the matches of the tennis tournament during those Games and it proved as a right selection for the tennis venue. During the Pan Am tournament, Canadian Tennis Center was really a special places where fans were able to witness matches between some of the best tennis players from all over the Americas. The amazing advantage of this tennis center is that its center court provides every seat with any open and clear viewing conditions and that is not what you get at many venues.

CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletics Stadium

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Some of the most memorable moments from the 2015 Pan American Games actually happened at the CIBC Pan Am Athletics Stadium in Toronto. Besides being the host of the track and field competitions during the Games, this athletics stadium will be the host of the opening ceremony of the 2015 Parapan American Games. The CIBC Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletics Stadium is designed according to the latest recommendations and instructions from the International Association of Athletics Federations and as such it has all required permissions to even host the Olympic track and field competitions.

Planet Bowl (Pan Am Bowling Center)

One of the sports that is not part of the Olympic family of sports but is part of the Pan American family of sports is bowling. The Bowling tournament of the 2015 Pan Am Games was held at the Planet Bowl or the Pan Am Bowling Center. Four events were held in this venue in two categories (men and women). Just like any other venue used for this event, Planet Bowl had to go through some changes in the first place in ensuring that every participant and spectator will be safe and have fun during those events.